Welcome to Friday Theme

What is it?

Friday Theme is a theme for Jekyll using Bootstrap 4.4 designed to build a great personal web site with a portfolio, blog and project documentation. It is compatible with GitHub Pages. It supports all the Bootstrap components, it has blogs with tags, it has syntax highlighting and it has SVG icons. It is customisable with SCSS by simply changing the default boostrap variables.

It is maintained by Simon Freytag on GitHub and it was built originally for Simon’s own portfolio.

Here’s the full feature list and some quick examples of what it can do.

How to use it

This web site is the documentation for the theme and also provides examples of how you can use and modify it. TIt is built using Friday Theme directly from the GitHub repo and published to GitHub pages.

The documentation covers the basics of installing and using it, and is an example of how you could write documentation about your own projects.

The blog has a bunch of tips about how to use Friday Theme. These show how the blog works, including the tags. There’s the three most-recent posts below included below.

Recent Posts

How to use Multiple Images in a Carousel

02 Mar 2020
Friday Theme HTML images Markdown Liquid Carousel Image Gallery

Here’s an example for multiple images that uses Bootstrap’s Carousel javascript component for a photo slideshow. You don’t need to write any JavaScript, just place some Liquid tags and HTML in your Markdown.


How to set up the Masonry Layout with an Image Lightbox

01 Mar 2020
Friday Theme HTML images Markdown Liquid Image Gallery

Here’s an example that extends the Masonry layout to add a Lightbox to show each image.


How to write code, with syntax highlighting

10 Mar 2018
syntax highlighting code

This post demonstrates both inline code and code blocks with syntax highlighting.